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Big Brother’s Lemon Twist: Carole Vincent’s Tracksuit

by | 21st, August 2007

carole-flash.jpgBIG Brother is in crisis. Carole’s tracksuit is to be stripped from her person, taken from this place and killed in a controlled explosion.

For a woman who sings the praise of hygiene – you’d half expect her to serve drinks with a Cif lemon twist – the tracksuit belies Carole’s inner slob.

Those psychologies who spend Sunday nights babbling to Davina about how bitching is good for the soul and that sleep talking the lyrics to Cats suggests a troubled mind, should consider Carole’s split personality.

We have already seen Carole’s house, a happening not witnessed on British TV since Adrian Mole delivered a copy of Big and Bouncy to his friend Bert Baxter, 89.

Were Carole tuning in and not on the show, one suspects she’d have pulled on her marigolds, broken into this house and given it a good going over.

Of course, there are those among us, housemates included, who saw Carole’s home and came to the conclusion that she needs to win more than any other.

But these are external issues. The show is about what occurs on the telly. Although the tabloids track the show and give insight into housemates’ sex lives, the voters watch the thing.

And what they see is Carole getting up everyone’s nose like a blast of pine fresh Toilet duck.

Carole is 139-1 to win. And the feeling is that she will go next. The other housemates know she is unpopular on the outside – she topped the vote last week. They will nominate her.

Take her to leave next, and to get a light once over from Davina…

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