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Pete Doherty In Black And White

by | 22nd, August 2007

pete_doherty_police1.jpgPETE Doherty waves two fingers to Sun readers who thought there was no life for him outside his romance with Kate Moss. (Pic: Beau Bo D’Or)

Given the popularity of the American one-fingered salute, Pete’s two-fingers seem nostalgic, as if Pete is trying to hark back to the days of Sixties rebellion with a deliberate British quirk.

Look at Pete with his (now ex) stick-thin model, his Bogart cigarette, his beatnik clothes, his wan complexion and his drugs. But we’ve seen it all before. This is pop music rebellion in black and white.

So here’s Pete, “the drug-addled lout”, attending court. He’s accused of having in his possession cocaine and heroin. Readers scoff. Is that all? We’ve got 20 Es and the Braithwaites a number 34 have a skunk factory in the conservatory.

And here’s Doherty being allowed to walk free because the police bungled.

“DOHERTY LAUGHS AT THE LAW ONCE MORE,” says the Sun’s headline. “As drug-crazed yobs terrorise our streets, this one is freed yet again after bungle by police. He’s seen as some as the voice of a generation. It’s a BOBBY SHAMBLES.”

Doherty is seen in the company of a West London court guard. The guard wears purple gloves. In his white shirt and black tie, the guard looks like a Merry Prankster. Doherty looks tame by comparison.

And he looks defiant. The rules are that anyone in breach of bail must appear in court within 24 hours of being arrested. Doherty arrived fashionably late after 31 hours.

Which means he is at large. And free to break the law once more. He should be appearing at a court house near you (see press for details)…

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