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What’s Your Line On Madeleine McCann?

by | 22nd, August 2007


Or, as the Mirror’s front-page headline puts it: “DON’T GO HOME.”

Both papers feature the familiar picture of Madeleine McCann’s face. The Mirror talks of “hopes” of a “swift breakthrough in the case”.

The Express is, as ever, less circumspect, and says “a major breakthrough was imminent”. And, as yesterday, the investigation is at “crucial stage”.

So the McCanns won’t go home?

Here’s a “police source” to tell Express readers: “There is nothing to stop the McCanns going home. They are not suspects but we have told them it is not good timing because the investigation has changed. It is active now to assume that Madeleine is dead.”

So they can go home. The police have not told the McCanns to remain in Portugal. The Mirror’s source says “there could be developments”.

For starters, we now know “There is more than one person involved’.” Says police spokesman Olegario Sousa: “It’s natural than in a crime of this nature more than one person is involved.” But he can’t be certain. He adds: “If it was committed by one person, it would be difficult to resolve the case because only he or she knows what they did.”

Good to know that this case, now in its fourth month, is not as hard to crack as it could be. Says Sousa: “We don’t have a final view of what happened.”

So it could be one person. Or two. Or none. But there is a breakthrough imminent. “Do you think if we had the name we’d be waiting to arrest them?” asks Sousa.

The Express listens to this and manages to deduce from it, “police gave a rare official assurance that the investigation was nearing completion”.

Says Sousa: “The things that could happen depend on the decision of the group investigating the case.”

And: “We have already said that all lines are still open.”

And Madeleine McCann is missing…

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