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Big Brother: Tracey ‘As ‘Ad It

by | 22nd, August 2007

SAYS Tracey of Kara-Loo: “If she’s not cutting her hair, she’s plucking her arms and I find that quite rude.”

Tracey is 2-13 to be evicted from the house this Friday. And she will go. Kara-Loo can cut all the hair from her entire body and depilate like a Chelsea footballer but she will still outlast Tracey.

What else can you do when sat in a room with Tracey other than pick away at yourself?

Sitting with Tracy is like being with a demented macaw.

KL: Morning Tracey (Grins)
T: ‘Ave it! ‘Ave’ it!
KL: Sleep well? (Grins)
T: Deal with it! Deal with it! ‘Ave it! Deal with it!

No, change that. Tracy is like dealing with a Dalek in the moments after they’ve come a cropper on a step and had their settings moved to “repeat”.

Tracey will leave the house, and what it being a Friday she will eschew the delights of London clubs for a barn in rural Essex.

She will have it in the stack and relive her Big Brother experiences in a house of straw bales with a pouch of smokes and the last of Carole’s full fat milk….

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