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Madeleine McCann Can Scare The Children

by | 22nd, August 2007

THAT advert with Madeleine McCann. Remember. Well, it’s not so bad:

Industry body the Cinema Advertising Association argued that the “subject matter, sober tone and non-sensationalist approach” meant it was suitable for a general audience including viewers of all ages.

The association also added that the ad had been timed to appear shortly before the school break, therefore securing an audience that might be heading abroad and potentially spot the missing child.

The ASA acknowledged that the “idea of a young child disappearing was likely to be inherently upsetting”.

However, the watchdog considered that it did not contain “any distressing images or use sensationalist language”.

It ruled that because the ad highlighted a well-publicised issue in this way it was not unsuitable to be shown before a U-certificate film, was not “socially irresponsible” and was “unlikely to cause undue fear and distress”.


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