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The Pie-Eyed Piper: When Pete Doherty Attacks

by | 23rd, August 2007

piedpiper.jpgPETE Doherty is having an online chat with his “fans”.

The Mirror tunes in and sees one fan ask Doherty if his latest drugs arrest was a “PR stunt”.

Pete is enraged. He glows almost slate grey with rage. He threatens to “fuck up” anyone who says it again.

We know better than to accept the challenge. It anyone knows about being f*cked up it is Doherty for whom being f*cked up is a career.

Although if he is as influential as we are told, chances are that his fans are already f*cked up and will hear Pete’s words less of a threat than an offer they dare not refuse.

In what passes for the real world, Pete has been bailed to stay with his friend Barry Parsons in Titinhull, Somerset.

Pete comes to the gates of this country house. He is with his aunty June. To set the record straight and disprove those PR slights he poses for pictures and answers questions.

“Do you want to shut up or I’ll put a bucket of saliva over you,” says Pete to one girl. “I will smash your head in.”

The crowd roars. Bucket of saliva, indeed. And we thought Pete was drying out.

Pete and his new lover Irina Lazareanu head for the Old George Pub in Crewkerne. They drink pints of cider. They pose for pictures with fans. “F*ck me up, Pete” they say in a grin-inducing mantra as the flash guns pop.

Then Cath Mead takes a picture. Pete chases after her. She hides in – irony here – a music shop. He then “repeatedly slammed his boots into her thighs, pulled her hair, then smashed her lens to pieces on the pavement outside”.

Cath says: “He shouted, ‘I’m going to slit your mother’s throat’ and screamed, ‘You’re not going to get away with those pictures, bitch’”

And the saliva? Tells us about the bucket of saliva…

Pete dashes back into the shop and tries to pull the camera from Cath. The heavy strap comes loose. Pete beats her about the head with it. He is then restrained by an off-duty policeman and a passer by.

Doherty then stoles off playing his harmonica with rats, fans and a millions PR reps in tow…

Pete Doherty In Black And White

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