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A Pause: Princess Diana Was Pregnant

by | 23rd, August 2007

pricness-diana-baby.jpg“DIANA was nine weeks pregnant when she died.” So says the Express on its front page.

Might this child have lived? Could it be that out there in the greater world is a ten-year-old with tight blonde curly hair, a tilting head and a predisposition for candles?

The Express calls the news “sensational”. And such is the sense of shock that the paper challenges its readers to respond to the question: “Do you believe Diana was pregnant when she died?”

We no longer believe, we know. As the papers says, an investigative journalist “formerly of the reputable Paris Match magazine” has uncovered the “explosive proof” that Diana was with child.

This sleuth is one Chris Lafaille. And he writes: “It is near certainty Diana was nine to 10 weeks pregnant at the time she died.”

Near certain? Having eschewed the phone vote, we now pick up the receiver and dial once for “No” and once again for “Yes”. That’s a maybe. But we suspect Diana was pregnant, possibly with twins, so we dial a further three times for “yes”.

And we wait for Lafaille’s book, Diana: the Inquiry They Never Published to reach the bookshops…

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