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Big Brother: Go Go Kara-Louise Kara-Louise

by | 23rd, August 2007

orange_frog_thumb.jpg“IT was quite funny when Shanessa was convinced Ziggy was giving her the eye,” says Kara-Louise, a housemate so forgettable they had to name her twice.

You may remember Shanessa as the equal opportunities lapdancer testing the torque of Jennifer Lope’s old stage clothes.

You may, however, not recall who Kara-Loo is. She’s the girl whose response to everything is to show a full set to brilliant white teeth and play with her hair.

You can imagine Kara-Louise’s ma-mum’s parting words as her daughter entered the house: “Remember, Kara-Louise, always smile, always smile. Smile and the world smiles with you, smiles with you.”

This is, of course, bunkum. The line now goes “Smile and the world wonders what you are smiling and if you are laughing at them”.

The world also wonders why your teeth are so white and your skin the colour of a month-old tangerine.

Kara-Louise is 4-1 to be evicted from the show this Friday. Ahead of her is Tracey at 1.24.

But Tracey is on the drift, albeit slightly. What chance that the clockwork orange can beat the cheesy quaver to the door?

The only sure thing seems to be that Jonty (84-1) will be with us next week. That way we can best keep an eye on him…

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