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Amy Winehouse Circumcises Her Demons

by | 24th, August 2007

amy-winehouse-blake.jpgAMY Winehouse has been on the “slash” (Star). Winehouse is in London’s Sanderson Hotel, which may or may not be a form of rehab.

The Mirror says her arm is covered in bandages. There is blood seeping from a large gash on her knee. Her shoes are blood-stained. Her mascara has run down her face.

To her side is her husband Blake. His face is scratched. The Mirror says the lines appear to form the letter ‘A’ on her cheeks.

The paper hears that earlier the night, Blake had been ruining down Regents Street (his job is given as a “video runner”) asking random people if they had seen his wife.

They have. She’s been all over the papers on account of her drugs and her drink and her rehab. Now she’s all over the papers on account of her blood and her non-waterproof mascara.

If they haven’t, perhaps Blake could take their numbers and email addresses and put them on the Winehouse mailing list.

The Suns says Winehouse is “blood-soaked and battered”. Her wounds are the result of a “brawl”. The Mail says Winehouse has had a “fight with her husband”.

But the Mirror looks deeper. It hears “friends of Blake” says he is “obsessed” with self-mutilation. He hosts “’self-harming parties’ where he shares drugs with fellow partygoers before they cut parts of their bodies”.

Winehouse may well nod. A sip of wine always stiffens the resolve before a circumcision – before something or someone is cut off…

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