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Recycling Madeleine McCann In The Express

by | 24th, August 2007

david-beckham.jpgTHE Express stands for recycling. And thanks to limited writing and Madeleine McCann’s continuing disappearance, the paper’s readers have felt no interruption to their routine.

This is journalism with a conscience.

This is the Express’s front-page “MADELEINE”. And today that word tops the news: “MUM’S FURY AT ‘YOU KILLED HER’ SLUR.”

Mum is Kate McCann, known to thousands of Express readers as “anguished” Kate McCann. And she is furious that a TV reporter has had the temerity to suggest that she might have had a hand in her daughter’s disappearance.

She is “horrified and deeply upset” that Sandra Felgueiras, “one of Portugal’s top presenters, a kind of swarthier and blonder Anthea Turner, “intimated” that Kate and her husband Gerry could have killed their child.

The Express says the McCanns are seeking a tape of Felguerias’s broadcast. Given that you can get most things on YouTube, this search should be simple.

Although the McCanns may be disappointed with what they find, or pleased. “As Felgueiras says: “I never said that and I never insinuated anything like that.”

She interviewed the McCanns two weeks back and asked them if those blood samples found in their holiday apartment could have come from Madeleine. Had she had an accident that made her bleed? She says the McCanns did not answer the question.

“If anything, I was far more moderate than other broadcasters and reminded viewers that’s this was just speculation.”

So much for Portuguese TV news. We’ll stick with the Express…

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