Anorak News | “A Scent Of Corpse”: Camilla Shafted For Princess Diana Memorial Do

“A Scent Of Corpse”: Camilla Shafted For Princess Diana Memorial Do

by | 27th, August 2007

camilla.jpgYOU might be forgiven for thinking that there are better ways of spending a bank holiday Monday than reading a pile of newspapers.

In fact, you would definitely be forgiven. And we here at Anorak should know – we read ’em all, so that you don’t have to.

Reading this morning’s papers is like walking into a party full of very boring people all discussing the same very boring subject.

And that subject is Camilla’s decision not to attend the memorial service for Princess Diana.

The consensus is that Camilla has done the decent thing – but only after a certain amount of persuasion.

“Camilla not to join Diana ceremony” reports the Guardian, while The Times records “Camilla’s change of heart about Diana service”.

“Duchess bows to pressure from princess’s friends,” declares the Telegraph.


“Hate mail fury forces Camilla out,” claims the Sun.

“ABOUT TIME TOO, MA’AM,” huffs the Mirror.

Cam Shafted

Only two papers fail to give the duchess a front-page berth.

There’s no room at the Star, what with Man United, Chanelle and Dannii (of whom more later). Meanwhile the Independent, which once boasted that it refused to indulge in stories about royalty, gives an equally sober report on page 14 – three pages after its double-page feature “LIVING IN THE SHADOW OF DIANA.”

The Keys To The Mystery

This leaves the Express, which can usually be found in a corner, muttering darkly about how Diana was murdered. Ah, there it is, with its front page poking out from behind the Racing Post. There’s a picture of Camilla, and the end of a headline: ‘…car keys had the ‘scent of corpse’”. No, surely not. They can’t be suggesting that she…

Indeed not. The fully exposed page reveals all. The portrait of the duchess is accompanied by a small and discreet caption: “Camilla will NOT attend Diana memorial service.”

So what’s all this about car keys? Oh, just a tastefully restrained front-page mention of “new slurs” about Madeleine McCann’s parents. These, the paper complains, are ‘the latest in a long line of lurid and hurtful stories’. All of which, you can rest assured, will be dutifully repeated in “THE WORLD’S GREATEST NEWSPAPER”.

Happy holidays, readers.

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