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MADDYWATCH: A Day Of Madeleine McCann

by | 27th, August 2007


Anorak’s at-a-glance guide to press coverage of Madeleine McCann

DAILY EXPRESS: Front page, plus pages 4 and 5, with logo (“THE HUNT FOR MADELEINE: Day 116”).

The paper reports that “the campaign of slurs against Kate and Gerry McCann continued last night after it was claimed the scent of a corpse had been detected on their car keys.”

The allegations, from a Portuguese paper were “the latest in a long line of lurid and hurtful stories hinting that the couple were somehow to blame for their daughter’s disappearance”.

The Express also announces (in a prominent headline): “Madeleine’s father loses faith in police”. Close reading of the article reveals this to be the paper’s own interpretation of Gerry McCann’s comments to the press that “obviously there is no sign of a breakthrough” and that “the only way I’ll be happy is when Madeleine is found”.

THE SUN: Small column on page 9 (“Maddie father in cop rap”). The paper infers that Mr McCann “hinted that he had lost faith in the police investigation”.

THE DAILY MIRROR: A third of page 11. “MADDY: IT’S OVER” – headline confusingly placed above a picture of Kylie “showing off her new look”. The paper confidently states that Mr McCann has lost faith in the police and “plans to wind down the media campaign”

DAILY STAR: Two-thirds of page 19. “We just can’t take much more of this” reads the headline, referring to the smear stories about the car keys. The story also refers to Mr McCann’s appearance at the Edinburgh International Television Festival, at which he said of the media coverage: “I don’t think it’s necessary in terms of bombarding people on a daily basis with Madeleine’s image.”

DAILY TELEGRAPH: One twentieth of page 6: “Father’s frustration over Maddy inquiry”. Notable only for the use of the tabloid-style “Maddy” in the headline – a name the McCanns have never used. Quotes Mr McCann as wanting to “get to the bottom of things”.

THE INDEPENDENT: One third of page 12 (media section): “Madeleine’s father in attack on media pack”. The paper says that Mr McCann told the Edinburgh audience that the levels of sensationalism in some of the news reporting had been unbelievable. He also TV for “saturation coverage with nothing to report.” The paper says that “some of TV’s news executives shifted uncomfortably in their seats”. Whether through embarrassment or physical discomfort after a long lunch is not explained.

THE GUARDIAN: No Madeleine news today.

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