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Keith Richards Looks Like Cliff Richard Chewing A Fag

by | 28th, August 2007

keith-richards.jpgTHE news of Beatrice Langley will no doubt be of interest to Keith Richards.

The Rolling Stone is said to have added the “s” to his name in order to distinguish him from Cliff Richard.

As the years pass, the risk of such confusion becomes increasingly slim.

The Peter Pan of pop has maintained his boyish looks and his popularity with the young generation.

Keef, meanwhile, resembles the rock’n’roll equivalent of Dorian Gray’s portrait.

Yet he remains defiant. First he lit up on stage in defiance of the public smoking ban, and now he has made light of his offence by eating a cigarette during a Stones concert at the O2 Arena in London.

The cigarette was unlit, so this was clearly intended as an ironic two-fingers to authority rather than a tribute to Dirty Sanchez.

“It’s obvious the band thinks the ban is ridiculous,” fan Joanna Jones tells the Sun.
But anyone thinking that Keef copped out should think again.

Chewing tobacco is almost as dangerous as smoking the stuff.

If he carries on chewing, and drinking three bottles of brandy a day, he could be dead within fifty years.

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