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Beyond Parody: Michelle Elizabeth Potter’s Abortion Ticker

by | 28th, August 2007

abortion.pngAS far as I know this is real:

I’ve heard a lot about how many people (read: terrorists and enemy combatants) Bush&Co. have killed by protecting Americans from terrorism and the people of Iraq from a mass-murdering, chemical weapon-possessing, rapist dictator. The irony is that most of these complaints come from the party that promotes the murder of children as a “privacy right.” I realize that children have died in Iraq, but that does not compare to the atrocity of abortion for these reasons:
1) The only ones purposely targeting children (or civilians) are the terrorists;
2) We do not consider killing Iraqi children a “constitutional right”;
3) Americans do not hold marches, rallies, or fund-raising dinners in support of killing Iraqi children;
4) The number of American babies killed by abortion far outweighs the total number of casualties in the war — including children, adults, civilians, soldiers, and terrorists. In fact, that’s exactly what my ticker sets out to proclaim.

It’s th work of: “My name is Michelle Elizabeth Potter. I am 26 years old. I am a Christian, wife, and mother of 6 — in that order. I’m also a homemaker, an avid reader, an amateur photographer, and a computer geek. My husband, children and I are all natives of Houston, Texas.”

Amateur photography? Computing? Going native? Oh yes. Houston, we have a problem…

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