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Big Brother Odds And Free Bet

by | 29th, August 2007

IT looked so good for Brian for so long.

His clockwork walk, his self-mutilated hair and his “Shut uuuup!” retort to just about anything that shocked him (the Earth is round, EastEnders is a work of fiction, so too Romeo and Juliet) were endearing. Among a bad lot, Brian was the winner elect.

And then Amanda got to work on him. Dressed in her knickers and singlet she told him how lovely he was. She liked his sexy chin. She loved him.

And Brian glazed over. He was in love. Shut up!

And then after one kiss in the caravan, it was over. Amanda cooled the romance. Whenever Brian approached she went rigid. One step closer and snakes would emerge from her mouth or else she dissolve into a pile of sand and be sucked into the lounge by her sister’s breath.

Brian was Andrew McCarthy in Mannequin, albeit with a dummy that remained dumb and inanimate.

Brian was left high and dry and bereft of his spark.

And Amanda – oh, you know what’s coming. She became the show’s favourite to win. Such a nice girl Amanda, so easy to rub long with and not in the least bit manipulative.

Brian is now out to 6-1 to win the show. And Amanda is at 2.42, narrowly ahead of her gormless owl-faced sister on 2.44.

No-one should vote for them. But out of fear, we will…

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