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The Least-Wanted Most-Wanted Holiday Book Is…

by | 29th, August 2007

the_brown_weeks_c4.jpgWHICH book do you suppose is most often left unwanted in a hotel room? (Pic: Beau Bo D’Or)

No, not that kind of “book”; the sort with writing in it.

Well, it might be something like Youngman and Sorene’s Fashionably Latte – a frothy romantic comedy with a pink cover.

Or it could be a volume of Old Mr Anorak’s autobiography – perhaps the book in which he reflects upon his decades as a publisher of ironmongery journals. (Even our most devoted staff found that one a bit heavy going.)

Well, it turns out that the answer is none of these.

Travelodge has produced a list of the most frequently discarded tomes, and the winner is…

Alastair Campbell, for The Blair Years, his heavily self-censored account of his days as the power behind Tony’s throne.

To put this achievement into some kind of context, he beat stiff competition from Piers Morgan’s Don’t You Know Who I Am? (second) and Jordan’s A Whole New World (third).

Other notable names included Jilly Cooper, Tina Brown and Chis Moyles.

Travelodge operations director Jason Cotts tells the Mail that the list “gives us a good idea what’s going on in people’s minds during the summer holidays” – a questionable and somewhat sinister claim, some might say.

One question it can’t answer, and surely a more important one to ask, is what was going on in people’s minds when they bought them?

Find the answer to that, Grasshopper, and you will have wisdom, influence – and wealth beyond rubies.

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