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Ronnie: The Autobiography, The Life And Times Keith Richards’ Stoned Sidekick

by | 29th, August 2007

rolling-stones-keith-richards-ron-wood-2182005-boston_small.jpgONE book that you could reasonably expect to find left unread in Keith Richards’ hotel room – apart from Give Up Smoking in Ten Days – is Ronnie: The Autobiography, the life and times of his Stoned sidekick Ronald Wood.

That’s assuming that there is a copy in Keef’s room in the first place – which is unlikely, unless Wood intends leaving a copy by every bed, next to the Gideon bible.

The Independent explains that Richards’ lack of enthusiasm for Wood’s project is because he is publishing it before Keef’s own effort, which is due in 2010, assuming he doesn’t fall headfirst out of any more trees in the meantime.

In the meantime, Wood says that the pair have ‘agreed to keep it at arm’s length from each other’.

This sounds like a good idea. In the past, the paper notes, the pair have put guns to each other’s heads, and Richards once put a knife to Wood’s throat. On another occasion he threw Ron’s canary out of a hotel window because it was disturbing his hangover and he thought it was an alarm clock.

The canary was presumably kept for the same reason that miners used to take them down pits: to warn of dangerous fumes.

Richards, as has been reported recently, is in the habit of ignoring anti-smoking regulations. He lights up at any opportunity, including on stage, and exhales a noxious blend of tobacco and Jack Daniel’s.

The Stones are now on tour once more, and given Wood’s close proximity to Richards, he should consider wearing some kind of breathing apparatus if he wishes to survive long enough to witness his own book’s launch in October.

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