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Jade Goody’s Arsenal And NHS Dr Simone Lester’s Small Private Dick

by | 30th, August 2007

nhs.jpg“I KNOW my rights. I want a ****ing ambulance now.” (Pic: Beau Bo D’Or)

No, it’s not a clued-up citizen booking a free taxi.

These were the words allegedly uttered by Dr Simone Lester, an associate director of NHS Direct, while in conversation with representatives of everyone’s favourite emergency service – the Metropolitan Police.

The Mail reports that the exchange took place in February outside the Emirates Stadium.

It says that Dr Lester “lost control after watching Arsenal play Wigan Athletic”.

A quite understandable reaction, you might think, although hardly an edifying spectacle for any youngster with aspirations to join the medical profession. Dr Lester should remember that she, like the footballers on show, is a role model for the nation’s youth.

Dr Lester, in case you don’t know her, is the person who “drew up guidelines for the public following the radioactive poisoning of Russian dissident Alexander Litvinenko”.

Her reported behaviour at the Emirates was not in keeping with such a responsible role, however. A General Medical Council disciplinary hearing was told that the trouble started when Dr Lester, who admitted to having drunk two pints of beer, tried to hit a steward.

PC Ruth Burnett asked Dr Lester for her name and address. Dr Lester replied with the aforementioned instruction to call her an ambulance.

The doctor was then arrested, but did not come quietly.

“I’m a ****ing doctor,” she shouted. “I want your ****ing name and numbers.”

When asked to move by a male constable, she is said to have delivered the following riposte: “I bet you’ve got a ****ing small ****.”

Dr Lester was then escorted to a vehicle, which was a police van and not the ambulance that she had ordered. Unsurprisingly, she was not best pleased. “You’re all poor and you will be out of a job,” she told her police escort. “You’re worse than Jade Goody and you’re a poor parent.”

In a letter to the hearing, Dr Lester denied everything, saying that she had used the word “bloody” only once, under provocation.

The GMC decided not to issue Dr Lester with a warning, being unable to reconcile the two conflicting versions of events.

And what do they know – they’re worse than ****ing Jade Goody.

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