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Big Brother’s Final Conflict: Good V Evil

by | 31st, August 2007

amanda.jpgTHAT it should come to this, a choice between Brian and Samanda.
Brian has goodness on his side. Untainted by life and untouched by knowledge, Brian is the idiot savant, the innocent doing battle with the forces of undiluted evil.

Samanda – see how she multiplies! – is two.

Right bow Brian stands only a 5-1 chance of success. Not too shabby but he was hot favourite for so long. Hot favourite right up until the point Amanda fluttered her eyelids at him (and a hurricane hit Jamaica).

Now Brian is adrift and Samanda is 7/5. The hope for Brian is that Samanda splits the vote.

But they won’t. The suspicion is that rather than vote for one or the other the voting public will vote for both. The masses are undecided and unable to spot any difference between the two.

But the warriors are choosing their sides for the final conflict. Liam, Ziggy and Jonty are all discussing nominations in the house and all think Brian (“number six”) should win.

Carole looks over at the twins. They don’t move. Some say they never move. Some say they never blink. Some say they are old crones trapped in the bodies of two two blonde owls.

“Just enjoy it tomorrow. One of the best days of your life that will be,” says Carole, who has taken to speaking like a witch in Macbeth.

Says Carole: “They’re not voting you out so much, they’re voting you to win”.

Carole talks in riddles. And a nervous world waits…

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