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Fat Kids At The Outsized Outfitters And Cake For Guns At Gatwick

by | 31st, August 2007

hand-gun-cake.jpg“FAT KIDS SNAP UP BUNTER BLAZERS,” reports the Star, and says that the cost of producing 54-inch blazers and 40-inch school trousers is putting a strain on manufacturers’ profit margins. (Though not for Anorak, whose new range of Junior ComfiSlax includes a “back to school” charcoal educational trouser.)

Everyone agrees that something must be done. But what hope is there for obese kids when their role models are setting such a poor example?

Take former police officer Barbara Lynford, who “felt sick every time I went to work”.

And no wonder.

The Sun explains that WPC Lynford worked at Gatwick Airport, where firearms cops were forced by senior officers to consume doughnuts in vast quantities.

The doughnut diet was part of a disciplinary regime with harsh punishments for firearms offences.

Every time a gun was left unattended, the culprit had to buy doughnuts. Fair enough – anyone can absent-mindedly forget a handgun. But sometimes things got heavy: “One left his sub-machine gun in the canteen and had to buy the whole team a CAKE – the penalty for more serious rule breaches.’

The revelations emerged at a sex discrimination tribunal investigating the circumstances in which the former WPC left the force.

The doughnut business is certainly worrying, but there is an upside too.

The news that Gatwick’s finest routinely patrol without their guns will make every citizen feel safer next time they see an armoured Robocop outside the Costa Coffee stand.

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