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Princess Diana Was Buried Alive: The Pallbearer’s Tale

by | 31st, August 2007

diana1.JPGWAS Diana buried alive?

We only ask because of the Sun’s front page: “I BURIED DIANA: Pallbearer tells of moment Diana said goodbye.”

Or shouted, more like – those royal coffins are made of pretty thick wood.

But it is we who are being thick. The headline is, of course, suggesting nothing of the sort.

You can understand our confusion, though. We have, after all, spent the past decade reading the Daily Express every day, which means that we have absorbed at least two thousand articles speculating about the true circumstances of the princess’s death.

Today, THE WORLD’S GREATEST NEWSPAPER is at it once more. There on the front page, under the now customary Madeleine McCann story, is the traditional Di murder speculation.

So once again we have the tale of the playboy, his lover, and the Fiat Uno driver. And Jean Claude Mules, the French police officer who ran the initial investigation, reckons the driver dun it.

But the details are neither here nor there. What matters is belief. The crux of the feature lies not in the story itself, which has been lovingly constructed over the flimsy frame of a few quotes.

It lies in a small box headed: “Do you believe that Diana was murdered”

Underneath are phone and text numbers for “Yes” and “No”.

Having reconsidered the Sun’s front page after inhaling deeply of the Express’s noxious fumes, we reckon the answer is probably “yes” – and that undertaker has some serious explaining to do.

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