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The Daily Mail’s Mr (Always) Right: A How To

by | 3rd, September 2007

brief_encounter.jpgLOVE at first sight is a nice idea, but for most of us things take a little longer.

Now the Mail brings scientific proof of ‘How women make up their minds in that first tender moment’.

No, not the tender moment when the female Mail reader discovers the value of Mr Right’s house.

We refer to the First Kiss – although this may occur a second or two after the above revelation.

Scientists believe that ‘getting the act right’ is very important for men, because women often judge men on the quality of this first meeting of mouths.

The paper warns that bad breath can be a problem, because ‘as well as being unpleasant’, it can also be ‘interpreted by would-be-lovers as a sign of health problems’.

Anorak agrees. Other signs to look out for include:

• Violent chewing and biting of the tongue.
• Vomiting
• Butting
• Licking of the face

Any of the above indicates serious genetic incompatibility (unless the female herself is prone to such behaviour).

However, the safest rule is really just a question of common sense and applies to both sexes equally: avoid any ‘would-be-lover’ who reads the Daily Mail.

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