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Amy Winehouse Not Dead Yet: Record Sales Shooting Up

by | 4th, September 2007

amy-winehouse.jpg“AMY: We’re not like Sid & Nancy,” says the Sun’s front page.

Indeed. And we’d like to add that Amy and her husband Blake are also not Peters & Lee, Richard & Judy, not Renee & Renata.

“We’re not going to end up dead like Sid and Nancy,” the Sun hears them vow in close harmony.

The couple are so very much in love that Blake has taken to carrying a picture of he and his loved one around with him. “I like having it with me,” says Blake. “It’s beautiful. It reminds me what we have together.”

That he should have the framed picture tucked under one arm as he walks through Gatwick Airport with his wife tucked under the other will add grist to the mill of they who warn of the effects of drugs on the memory.

But Amy will not succumb. Says she: “We are not going to end up like them [Sid & Nancy etc.].We’re in love and have everything to live for.”

But the Mirror says rock stars are twice as likely to suffer premature death as the rest of the population.

A study by a Professor Mark Bellis looked at 1,000 singers from Europe and the US who had shot to fame between 1956 and 1999. Says the Mirror: “There were 100 deaths – 9.6 percent were men and 7.3 per cent were women.”

It’s the kind of statistic that goes to show that rockers are not like the rest of us, and journalists deal in words not numbers. Pop stars are a breed and a sex apart.

And that makes them marketable. Or not. As the Star says: “FANS SAY NO, NO, NO TO JUNKIE AMY SONGS.”

And the Mirror puts it: “Amy gets higher. DRUGS SCANDALS SEND RECORD SALES SOARING.”

Well, the drugs never did Sid and Nancy’s earning power any harm…

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