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Footing The Bill: Merseyrail Campaigns For Quality Footwear

by | 4th, September 2007

socks1.jpg“I HAVE never been in trouble before and, working with children, I do not want a criminal record.”

Kathleen Jennings is in the Mail. We would say that a criminal record is a badge or honour, or woggle, for the 19-year-old student who is also a Cub Scout leader. It will facilitate empathy and bonding.

But what the crime? It is said, yer honour, that Miss Jennings did place her feet on the seat of a Merseyrail train. She is charged with “wilfully interfering with the comfort or convenience “ of her fellow passengers.

She faces a fine, prosecution costs and solicitor’s fees. “I put my feet on the seat in front of me – just the edge of my flipflops,” says the accused by way of defence.

Yes, flipflops. And note that this was no seaside train trip but a journey to landlocked Chester from less-than-sandy Oldham.

Says Jennings: “A man in uniform came up to me and said, ‘Are you comfortable?’”

Miss Jennings may have cared to replay, “Yes, thank you. Mother has shares in Tesco’s and father supplements his income by auctioning off his homemade pornographic videos.”

Instead she offered: “I said sorry and move my feet back to the floor. Then he said he wanted to see me when I got off the train.”

When she emerged, the officer took down her details, noting her name, address, profession and her attire (yes, the flipflops).

The evidence will be shown to Chester magistrates alongside video footage obtained via the officer’s CCTV headcam.

And Miss Jennings will become one of the 250-or-so passengers taken to court since Merseyrail launched its anti-feet-on-seats campaign.

We would like to know how many of these wrongdoers were, like Miss Jennings, shod in flipflops and not sporting shoes in black leather with laces passed evenly through eight holes, or ten holes for those passengers who wish to make a statement and move with fashion.

And then we can work out if hanging is too good for them…

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