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Owen Wilson II: Meet The Makers

by | 5th, September 2007

owen_wilson.jpgWONDER no longer what Owen Wilson intended when he slashed his wrists and took prescription pills.

The Enquirer is there with the truth and hears the actor yell: “I killed Princess Diana!”

No, not really. That was just our guess. Indeed a quick survey of the Anorak typing pool threw up suicide bed suggestions “Oprah smells of cats!”, “Let’s nuke Canada” and “Elton…that you?”

The truth is no less sensational as the Enquirer hears Wilson scream: “I want to die!”

The Enquirer hears all. But the irony is that Wilson was suicidal because – get his – he felt so alone and had no lover in his life.

We join the action as Andrew Wilson, Owen’s older brother, finds the actor “bloody and incoherent” at his Santa Monica home.

A source says that after an hour Andrew called the emergency services. The medics arrived. And Owen gave full throat to the tagline “I want to die”.

But even the stars cannot get all they want all the time and the medics inserted a saline drip in the Owen body and staved off his demise for a later date.

Owen Wilson would live. He would start life afresh. He would be Owen II: The Rehab.

Working title ‘My girlfriend won’t take me back”, starring Kate Hudson…

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