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Bush Tucker: President Eats Like A Little Kid

by | 5th, September 2007

bushfood_wideweb__470×2512.jpgGEORGE Bush is in Australia on a “meat and great”. He has four chefs. They make him this to eat. The clean-living Australians can’t stand it. And we warm to Dubya:

Vicki Flood, from Sydney University’s Centre for Public Health Nutrition, said Mr Bush’s plate, piled up with surf ‘n’ turf with only a hint of vegetables, was a particularly unhealthy sight.

“The main concern with the plate is the quantity of the protein-rich foods, with a very small amount of vegetables and no breads at all,” Dr Flood said.

“The sausages are probably a higher-fat choice of meat and the T-bone generally is a higher-fat meat choice as well, so the meat choice alone, the quantity of the meat, is the concern.”

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