Anorak News | Big Brother’s Underwear Section: Chanelle Hayes’ Boots And Bra Braces

Big Brother’s Underwear Section: Chanelle Hayes’ Boots And Bra Braces

by | 6th, September 2007

chanellehayesnaked.jpgTHE experiment to see if celebrities are any better at selling newspapers than the dwindling band of non-celebrities moves on to the underwear section.

Now rid of her Big Brother pilchard suit and fraying cheese-wire thong, the show’s Chanelle Hayes is exploring the possibilities of knickers, bras and their many combinations and variants.

Today Chanelle has opted to appear on the Star’s cover page clad in a pair of back lacy knickers and a bra that she has pulled down and tucked into her fishnet stockings.

There is every reason to believe Chanelle’s time in Big Brother captivity has altered her perceptions and she is no longer like the rest of us.

Tuck your vest into your Y-fronts by all means, but bra into long socks gives cause for worry.

Undoubtedly the psychologists that agonised over Chanelle’s mental health on Big Brother On The Couch are shaking their heads and making copious notes about Chanelle’s abandonment issues.

And the Star seems to be feeding that mania as it announces: “CHANELLE MY S&M PLANS FOR ZIGGY.”

Of course, the legend should read “CHANELLE MY M&S PLANS FOR ZIGGY” and feature Chanelle is product placement pose for the country’s premier supplier of undergarments.

But we will not criticise, get our knickers in a twist. We only wish Chanelle every success with her nascent career and look forward to seeing her in all manner of underwear in the near future…

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