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Princess Diana: Print And Keep This Lest Something Should Happen

by | 6th, September 2007

princess_diana_assassination.jpg“DIANA DEATH,” announces the Express on its cover page. (Pic: Beau Bo D’Or)

“NOW 6,000 pages of key files vanish from French court.”

We would urge one and all not to panic. There are now in excess of several hundred thousand official files on Princess Diana and no less then nine million unofficial ones.

But the Express is not listening. It has set its mind on recording in triplicate every word ever spoken and written by Diana and about Diana. For fear of ‘losing’ them, each day the paper publishes extracts as a matter of public record. Readers should keep them all in secret place lest something happen to the Express.

And the paper wants to know where the 6,000-page dossier has gone? And it wants its readers to help.

“Is there something fishy going on in the Diana inquiry,” the Express asks in it daily phone poll. Does Jordan sleep on her back?

And readers learn of the disappearance of a “highly-sensitive” dossier. It has “vanished” amid circumstances “mysterious”.

The files contain “every shred of evidence compiled over 18 months during a £6.4million inquiry”.

Says Mohammed Al Fayed: “I have heard reports about this and it gives cause for concern. I await the official response.”

A British lawyer says: “It is scarcely believable that such evidence could be lost just weeks before the inquest.”

Indeed so. But happily the British police have a photocopy of this dossier. And they have their own one, too, known as the Paget Report. This 832-page report was compiled by Lord Stevens of Kirkwhelpington. It cost £3.69million to produce. It is not as long as the 6,000-page French police report but it might help.

And then there are the back copies of the Express…

Breaking News – As the Mail reports, a French justice official reveals: “We have traced the original file.”

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