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Madeleine McCann: An Arrest, Robert Murat’s Knife And Fury

by | 6th, September 2007

robert-murat.jpgMADDYWATCH – Anorak’s at-a-glance guide to press coverage of Madeleine McCann.

DAILY MIRROR front page: “MADELEINE: DNA is found. Arrest expected ‘in 48 hours’.”

No yellow ribbon on the Mirror’s front page. But news of that blood found on the McCann’s apartment walls. We learn: “The DNA of a potential suspect in the Madeleine McCann case has been found by British scientists.”

“The DNA is said to have been found in an area of the Praia da Luz flat where the individual should not have been.”

But the flat wasn’t sealed off after Madeleine went missing. Robert Murat, suspect No. 1, was operating as a volunteer translator.

Pages 4 and 5: “McCANNS IN DNA TORMENT.” Kate and Gerry McCann are “angry”. The Portuguese police are reported not to have called the McCanns nor informed them of the test results.

THE STAR front page: “MADDIE – Police set to make arrests.”

Page 9: And “sources say officers are about to swoop”. A picture of Robert Murat with the caption “SUSPECT” illustrates the “full story”.

DAILY MAIL front page: “MADELEINE: Police ‘near to an arrest’.”

Page 5: The prospect of an arrest “within days” has been “raised”. Police are looking at the results of blood, hair and saliva samples found in the McCanns’ apartment. The McCanns are said to be “frustrated and upset” at not being told this by police.

Arrests could be made. Or not. The Mail says the findings could just help explain what happened to Madeleine, and the results have not arrived in full to Portugal.

DAILY EXPRESS front page: “MADELEINE ARREST IS NOW ‘CLOSE’. DNA tests produce vital result.”

THE WORLD’S GREATEST NEWSPAPER says police are “expected” to make an arrest within days. Why not immediately is unsaid.

Portuguese police have the results which “are understood to confirm police suspicions that Madeleine died in her parents’ holiday apartment”.

They also point to a new suspect the police have been monitoring.

Robert Murat is pictured working on the roof of his home. He has a knife in one hand.

THE SUN page 8: “COPS KEEP MADDIE DNA RESULTS SECRET. Parent’s fury at villa blood probe detectives.”

A villa not a flat? Maddie and not Madeleine? Is this the same case?

Readers are told that “relations between the McCanns and the Portuguese police hit a new low when detectives failed to tell them the DNA test results were back”.

Gerry, a “cardiologist” is said to be “upset and frustrated”.

THE TIMES page 21: “Madeleine police gain new information from science test in Britain”.

The results cold lead to “a series of arrests”.

THE TELEGRAPH: “Madeleine police handed forensic evidence.” And: “Mr and Mrs McCann only found out through the media when they were interrupted during a jog by their campaign manager Justine McGuinness.”

Mr Murat’s spokesman Tuck Price says the only named suspect had not been told about any developments in the case.


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