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England Rugby Players And Wags Hit The Nazi Lager In Paris

by | 6th, September 2007

rugby-nazis.jpg“NOT since the Nazis occupied France and made the hotel one of their key Paris bases will the opulent and historic Trianon Palace, current home of the England rugby team, have seen so many WAGs.”

So says the Mail which gives an entire new angle on the England Rugby XV hitting the lagers in readiness for defence of their Rugby World Cup.

The reports continues: “But the wives and girlfriends of Phil Vickery and his merry men represent an altogether more welcome invading force than officers of the Wehrmacht and Gestapo.”

This all depends on perspective, of course. The hotel’s website offers the section Personal Guest Experiences which is unforgivably devoid of tributes from Nazi Wags and their players.

It cannot be ruled out that when leaving the hotel, along with the silver, the curtains and the wine the Nazis seized the guestbook. In a loft in deepest Bavaria there is surely the ledger containing such bon mots as “Wicked Time”, “Mental” and “By the time you read this I shall be Argentina”.

But the hotel that staged the signing of the Treaty of Trianon 1920, an agreement following World War I in which the Allies disposed of Hungarian territories, now pays host to Lawrence Dallaglio’s wife Alice, Jason Robinson’s wife Amanda (a keen caravaner) and Jonny Wilkinson’s girlfriend Shelly Jenkins.

In a thread between then and now, the featured Wags (billed as “Scrummies in the Telegraph) are all blonde.

Plus ca change, as they say in the better suites.

Hitler, Nazis and rugby [insert joke about funny-shaped balls here].

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