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Big Brother Carole’s Net Benefits

by | 7th, September 2007

carole-vincent.jpgFOR every one Big Brother star emeritus who secures a job displaying her primary sexual characteristics there are scores that fall by the wayside.

As the Star announces via its front page: “BIG BRO 8 STAR SIGNS ON DOLE.”
“I’m totally skint,” says the reality TV icon.

Turning the page readers learn that the Big Bother benefits scrounger is Carole Vincent. “I’m now more skin than before,” says Carole.

How different it all seemed when Carole entered the Big Brother house back in May. Her catchphrase, “If you want an argument, I’m the f****** argument!”, was all set to be the nation’s number one pre-recorded prank call and ringtone.

But we should have realised Carole was unlucky when we learnt that she operated as an unemployed sexual health worker from East London.

How was this possible? Old Mr Anorak, no stranger to matters of sexual illness, scoffed at hearing that and regaled the Anorak typing pool with tales of the time he brought his Thai Ladies’ ping-pong team to the Hackney Downs baths.

Carole says he wants to produce sex education videos. This may necessitate Carole wearing a bra and knickers set in the mode of a more successful Big Brother product.

And demanding money with menaces…

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