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Mock Crocs: Police Stop Man Behaving Sadly

by | 7th, September 2007

crocs-shoelaces.jpgMORE Crocs horror stories as the Sun brings news that the killer footwear can attract police attention.

Having earlier brought you news that crocs can off hospital patients in their beds – rubber on lino produces a static shock that can put paid to respirators and rented TV sets – the spotlight falls on the rubber shoes role in crime.

The fashion police can rest easy. This is no job for the boys in this year’s black, rather the boys in timeless and classic midnight blue.

The Sun looks on as Martin Clunes, star of TV’s Men Behaving Badly, is walking along a road in London’s Soho. The road is wet. Crocs’ wearers may well nod and think they know what occurs next. They have been there.

But Clunes is wise to the perils of the Crocs on wet surfaces and treads carefully.

Says he: “I was walking down the street, slipping all over the place because it was wet and, as I was skidding down the pavement, I clocked on of the riot police.”

Clunes made it to his car. And as he went to drive home a police officer approached.
Says Clunes: “He’d seen me coming down the street, slipping everywhere, and he said, ‘Have you been drinking?’ I’d had one cocktail with a friend I’d met earlier and I said ‘um, oh, er, yes. I have.”

Was Clunes under the influence when he purchased his shoes?

No satisfactory answer. And Clunes is placed in the back of the police van and breathalysed.

The results are returned negative, leading to much head scratching by the constabulary (shod in uniform lace-up black).

And Clunes and his Crocs are free to go about in decent society…

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