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Global Warming: Hot Air And Intellectual Bankruptcy

by | 7th, September 2007

DIZZY notes:

Without a doubt the green activist Mark Lynas has to be contender for the Global Village Idiot of the 21st Century Award. This morning, he told the Independent, “It’s intellectual bankruptcy. The entire scientific community is telling the world that it’s the biggest threat to human civilisation. What more evidence do you need?”

No Mark, what however is intellectual bankruptcy is to claim that something is intellectually bankrupt by saying that because lots of people believe something it must by definition be true. To dismiss something as devoid of intellectual rigour on the basis of an ad populum argument is the real act of intellectual bankruptcy here.

Incidentally, before anyone starts screaming “climate change denier” this is not about whether or not man-made climate change is either right or wrong. It’s about the way in which those that consider it to be true persist in portraying the nonsense that “scientific knowledge” is about “consensus”, and that whatever the consensus is, is a scientific fact.

Those people do a disservice to the past 400 years of scientific learning and discovery by peddling hokum arguments to the masses. Man-made climate change may in fact be right, however telling people it’s right because lots of people believe it is right is bollocks.

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