Anorak News | Malaysian Ponnusamy Waytha Moorthy Sues The UK For $4 Trillion Dollars

Malaysian Ponnusamy Waytha Moorthy Sues The UK For $4 Trillion Dollars

by | 10th, September 2007

ALI notes:

A Malaysian Indian man has sued the UK for $4 trillion dollars in a class action lawsuit seeking to collect damages for UK’s creating indentured servants out of the world’s Indian population during British colonial rule. A page out of the holocaust and slavery reparations book.

My off the cuff legal evaluation of the case: If he wants to sue someone he needs to sue the corporations that were involved in making profits rather than the nation directly. I just don’t see him even managing to pull off a settlement with a nation-state (its been known to happen but only in very minor situations and usually only with a state’s own citizens). Now the question is was the East India Company involved in this Indian slave trade? The company, which was under the direct control of the British Parliament, does suggest that the country, UK, is the appropriate target. But, tactically, I would sue the corporate beneficiaries, the lords, dukes, ladies, of the indentured servant trade, and by putting their names, and the names of their estates in the complaint, force them to settle. At least, that is what I suspect a trial lawyer will do because his concern is not with the “win” but with a hefty settlement, and personalizing the case to individual lords and dukes is more likely to do that than taking on the entire UK.

Having said all that. I think the lawsuit is really worthless. I recommend the court throw it out. Also, the holocaust litigation was completely different because the Jewish individuals could show banks directly closing Jewish accounts and freezing Jewish assets. The economic coercion that led one to become an indentured servant is way, way more difficult to prove, and certainly so in a class action setting — where, for there to be a “class,” the factual circumstances of the people involved all have to be the same.

David Bowie and class action law all in one night. Where else but at the AE personal blog.

Oh, there is an interesting legal development in a Croatian war crimes case where the idea of “command responsibility” has been put forward. This is important as it could lead to people like Rumsfeld and Cheney for being tried for stuff like the Iraq War, Guantanamo, or Abu Ghraib. Had Cernig done more research on these issues he would have found that a Germany court threw out such a case against Rumsfeld. That case, though, was filed under German law. Obviously, this is under the authority of the International Criminal Court — a court to which the US is not an adherent EVEN THOUGH BILL CLINTON SIGNED THE TREATY.


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