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Gobal Warming: LibDems Top For Hot Air, Labour Second, Tories Dead Last

by | 12th, September 2007

green-politics.gifGOOD news for the LibDems. When it comes to venting hot air about hot air they are the tops. (Pic: Beau Bo D’Or)

The Independent has viewed How Green Are Our Parties? The Green Standard Report.

Nine green groups, including, Camaron, Friends of the Earth, Green Alliance, Greenpeace and the Woodland-Trust were asked to rank the three main political parties in order of greenness.

In an ironic nod to the motorists who burn fossil fuels and kill us all, the green campaigners adopted a traffic light system. Green is good. Amber is good but not as good as green. Red is much worse then green, worse than amber and the colour of the sky in 2050.

(The report is 17-pages long and available in full colour.)

In response to five key questions, the Tories scored three ambers and two reds; the Labour party one green, three ambers and one red; and the LibDems three greens and two ambers.

(No party scored a green star or a green star-star, but it is hoped that when things improve the brilliance of the green light will come into play.)

In a bid to save energy, the nine groups selected Stephen Hale to expel carbon dioxide of their behalf.

Says he: “It is very disappointing that none of the three main parties is yet providing the leadership and action we need.” He goes on to say that all three must “close the gap between rhetoric and delivery in the run-up to the next general election”.

And says Johan Eliasch, former deputy chairman of the Conservative Party who is advises the Government on deforestation and clean energy: “…in the next 24 hours deforestation will release as much CO2 into the atmosphere as eight million people flying from London to New York.”

Or as much CO2 as nine green groups, “who share a total of five million supporters”, talking about global warming non-stop for the next three months…

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