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The McCanns Are Televised Snooker: Anorak Forums

by | 12th, September 2007

AS Mic notes on the Madeleine McCann saga in the Anorak Forums:

I’ve just followed a few of them. It’s weird isn’t it? Even though I have zero real interest in the story, this thread has got me posting more than any other recently; even if it is just tongue-in-cheek stuff.

It’s like the media equivalent of televised snooker; no great outlay necessary, and hours of coverage without anything much happening.


For what it’s worth; I’ve never had any time for a couple who could leave their kids alone in an apartment in order to go out enjoying themselves. If it happened to a working class family on a coumcil estate in Newcastle the press would be shouting ‘NEGLECT!!!’and demanding the stoning of the irresponsible parents.

And if the McCanns were involved in anything more deadly than parental neglect then may they rot in a place warmer than the Algarve.

Shame on all concerned.

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