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Yours Sincerely, Mahmood Ahmadinejad

by | 12th, September 2007

PRESIDENT Mahmood Ahmadinejad of Iran has not updated his blog since March.

His most recent post:

A Reply to an American Mother`s Message 2007/03/16
Venerable mother

First of all, I apologize for the delay of answering your question. This is due to my heavy schedules. So far, I have received many letters – with the same type of messages – such as yours.
If your son opposed to go to Iraq and impose pressure on the people of that region, and then was forcibly taken there, certainly Almighty God would help him. And those who have forced your beloved son to go to the war are responsible for his blood and the bloodshed that they have caused. They should answer Almighty God in the Day of Judgment.
In regard to statement you have made, since I did not want my reply lead to any problem for you, did not send it through e-mail, because if some agents are getting into private life of the American citizens and eligitimatley control them, may create problem for you. Instead, I decided to post the reply on the web log that those who may have the same views such as yours, get the answer …
Written by Mahmood Ahmadinejad at 14:27

If you’re reading this Mahmoud, get in touch. Pick up the phone. We’re worried…

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