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Madeleine McCann On Paedos And The Church In The Anorak Forums

by | 13th, September 2007

Rubytwo notes in the Forums: This a post from the comments section of Daily Mail…

Theorizing for one moment that Madeline was indeed accidently killed by either or both of her parents; whether by physical trauma (or speculating even more wildly, by an accidental double dose of sleeping pills administered to ensure an uninterupted dinner/evening) – it just does not make sense that two so devoutly religious people would be able to continue to function throughout each day undertaking all the action they have – including visiting the Pope – to keep public attention on Madeleine, whilst harbouring the secret knowledge that they themselves had assigned their beloved daughter to an unconcecrated, unmarked grave. If the McCann’s actions were the unwitting cause of Madeline’s death and they initially panicked, assuming that because they are both doctors an accidental death would not be believed, I think their faith and compassion would have prompted them not to cover up but to immediately own up: ergo – they did not kill Madeleine.”

Does this poster not realise that the church is rife with phaedophilia and always has been!

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