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Madeleine McCann: Class War In The Anorak Forums

by | 15th, September 2007

“ARE you all mad? (rhetorical question),” asks Parentx4 in the Anorak Forums.

A thought for you all………..if this were “Vicki Pollard” leaving 3 KIDS UNDER 3 – in Portugal, whilst she done the social thing, would you all be squabbling about “forensic evidence”?

I damn well doubt it!

I can hear her condemnation from you all right now.

Get off your “soap boxes” and ask yourselves this; do you think Social Services would allow YOU to fly around the world, meet the pope, set up an online shop, and open a charity for “financial assistance”? HELL NO.

You and your families would be subject to S47 enquiries and your kids would be on the Child Protection Register – Category “NEGLECT” before your typed your first online blog, and that would be the best outcome…………trust me.

Remember this, her parents are well educated, nearly 40 year old doctors, living in middle class suburbia – they are more than aware than most of the laws relating to children, and the risks of abandonment ok, they work with families, children, social services and the children on child protection registers – EVERY BLOODY DAY.

Join the debate…

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