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Prince Harry Is Off His Face On Cake

by | 17th, September 2007

prince-harry.jpgWHAT’S that white substance on the tip of Prince Harry Baseball Caps nose?

Minds buzz with possibilities as we see the picture in the Mirror and read in the Mail that Jodie Kidd, “the model with royal friends”, is facing “extraordinary allegations” that she helped supply cocaine to a businessman interested in backing polo venture.

Jodie Kidd is, as the Mail reports, the face of Marks & Spencer’s credit card.

The model is alleged to have told the businessman that she could attract royals to the business. It is alleged she said: “Prince Harry is very good. I’ll try to speak with Harry about it.”

Mindful of this, we return to the Mirror’s Harry exclusive. And we look closer. And we see that what’s on the end of Harry’s nose is cake.

Might well you gasp. But cake is no street slang for crack cocaine. Cake is a food that many, such as Harry, use to celebrate a birthday.

This is Harry’s 23rd birthday bash. Harry is at the Vine Tree Pub, near Highgrove.

“Hiccy burpday!” says the Mirror.

As the Mail notes, Ms Kidd was once the epitome of “heroin chic”. And was not at Harry’s birthday party…

Pic: The Spine

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