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Rupert Murdoch’s Gangs: Ross Kemp And Rebekah Wade

by | 17th, September 2007

rosskemp.jpgROSS Kemp is a hard man who likes to hang out with other hard men. These are hard men. They may ever get harder when they have met with Kemp.

“Ross Kemp operates at 100% efficiency,” says one Ross Kemp website. “Ross Kemp believes all forms of transportation should have tank tracks in order to be effective.” And “Ross Kemp is unable to remember or pronounce the word ‘fear’.”

It may be the truth. It may not be. It’s hard to know where truth and fiction diverge in Ross Kemp’s life. Hard. Like Ross.

Ross is married to Rebekah Wade, the Sun’s editor. And in keeping with the masses, Ross is known to appear in the paper.

Today, Ross is in a piece entitled: “A kid stuck and AK47 in my face while high on drugs.”

This is truth. This is the hard truth. The Sun’s Oliver Harvey says the gun was so close to Kemp’s snout he could “smell the metal”.

Before Kemp is a bevy of Brazilian gangsters. They are high on cocaine. “Scared?” says Kemp.” Of course I was.”

Scared what you’d do to them, eh Ross, who met the gang not in a parking lot in Elstree but in Rio de Janeiro. Brazil.

This is all part of Kemp’s Gangs TV series. You can see it on Sky One, the channel owned by Rupert Murdoch, who owns the Sun, who employs Rebekah Wade, who is married to Kemp. Such is the way of the news.

Gangs is the show in which Kemp goes around the world looking for trouble.

Says Kemp: “I’ve had more experience in the past four years meeting these gang members than I did in ten years filming EastEnders. One’s a fake world and one’s real.”

And sometimes it can be hard to spot the difference. Really hard.

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