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Madeleine McCann: A Wild Theory, Clarence Mitchell Says And Father Pacheco Vanishes

by | 19th, September 2007

mccann.jpgMADDYWATCH – Anorak’s at-a-glance guide to press coverage of Madeleine McCann.

DAILY MIRROR front page: “First she loses a child. Then she is suspected of killing her. Now she fights back. WHY I AM INNOCENT. BY KATE McCANN.”

Pages 4 and 5: Kate says her Portuguese lawyer believes in her and Gerry McCann’s innocence: “She’s also of the view that everyone she has spoken to in Praia da Luz also believe we didn’t do it.”

The Mirror says Portuguese police are working on the “wild theory”, Kate accidentally killed her daughter.

The Mirror has in the past voiced the theory that Madeleine McCann was abducted by an international gang of paedophiles and has been spotted in Morocco, Malta and Belgium. The Mirror produced six theories after Madeleine vanished. Read them here. And, no, Kate and Gerry were not mentioned as suspects.

The paper’s Brian Reade says: “I can’t see how any sane person could have convinced themselves the McCanns were capable of doing this and covering it up.”

Pages 6 and 7: The Mirror says the McCanns’ new media operator, Clarence Mitchell, cut his teeth at the BBC where the Soham murders.

THE TIMES front page: “Portuguese officers fly in to question McCanns.”

Page 3: “We can explain Madeleine’s DNA in our car, say parents.”
A family “source” looks at the McCanns’ hired people mover and says: “Who is to say what happened when they moved to the new villa? The seats were ripped out and everything including Madeleine’s sandals and the twins’ nappies were dumped in the car – which would have included traces of skin, sweat and bodily fluids.”

THE SUN front page: “MADDIE SENSATION. CAR DNA WAS TWINS’. Nappies in boot cold clear parents.”

Pages 4 and 5: “We talk about Maddie to the kids every day.” Given how children talks and how prevalent Madeleine’s face is on the newspapers, in the bank and how she talked about by mums on the school run, the McCanns twins might hear of little else.

Page 6: “We must have faith Maddie will be found,” says the Archbishop of York Dr John Sentamu. Says he: “Speculation will not help. Evidence and witnesses will.” As God is my witness.

THE INDEPENDENT page 6: “McCanns launch fightback over ‘nonsensical’ murder claims.”

Clarence Mitchell says the claim the McCanns harmed their child are “as ludicrous as it is nonsensical”.

DAILY STAR front page: “McCANNS: WE’LL FACE TRIAL. Parents admit there is enough evidence to charge them.”


Katie Andre, aka Jordan says: “Whether they are guilty or not, I think they are in some way to blame for whatever happened to that poor girl by leaving her alone in a room with two babies…you just don’t do it.”

Page 6: “MADDIE PRIEST HAS VANISHED.” The “tormented priest who detectives think Kate McCann may have confessed to” is missing. Father Jose Pacheco has “disappeared”. Is he a suspect?

DAILY MAIL front page: “MADELEINE: DNA evidence branded ‘pathetic’ as fightback begins. “McCANNS: DOSSIER FOR THE DEFENCE.”

Pages 4 and 5: “The smears that started on Day 1.” The Mail says the McCanns’ lawyers are “going back through the newspapers to look for evidence of black propaganda planted by police.”

The McCanns have a new spokesman. Clarence Mitchell is a married father of two.

“While the police were secretly spinning their doubts about the McCanns to the media, the couple were faithfully obeying Portugal’s strict laws preventing them from speaking about the investigations.”

DAILY EXPRESS front page: “MADELEINE. HER MOTHER IS INNOCENT. We can prove it says family as Portuguese police fly to Britain.”

Pages 2 and 3: “Mother in jail over secret.” Kate McCanns could be jailed for telling journalists that police had seized her Bible. (See Mail story above.)

Page 4: “Madeleine: Police will question two priests on Algarve.” Jose Manuel Pacheco will be questioned. If police can find him. As will his Anglican colleague Haynes Hubbard.

DAILY TELEGRAPH front page: “McCanns challenge police evidence.”

Page 6: “’An innocent explanation for everything’.”

“Celebrities anger police.” A senior Portuguese police officer says: “It is amazing to me that people in high positions are getting involved…doesn’t Gordon Brown have a job to do?”

THE GUARDIAN: “McCANNS ‘innocent victims of heinous crime’.” Clarence Mitchell is with the McCanns.

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