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Madeleine McCann: Team McCann The Armada, Bugging Calls And ‘Inhuman’ Kate

by | 20th, September 2007

mccanns-gerry-kate.jpgMADDYWATCH – Anorak’s at-a-glance guide to press coverage of Madeleine McCann.

THE SUN front page: “Cops to Maddie parents: We have nothing.”

Pages 4 and 5: Portuguese police are “understood” to have bugged the McCanns’ mobile phones, placed a tracking device on their car and checked their emails.

Con by lawyer: “Master swindler” Paul Bint, dubbed “King Con”, pretended to be a lawyer representing the McCanns to cheat money from a businesswoman. To date, Bint has posed as a ballet dancer, a policeman and a duke.

DAILY MIRROR front page: “WE ARE BEING BUGGED – Phone eavesdrop fear of Madeleine parents.”

A friend of the McCanns says that Gerry McCann will “often refuse” to talk on mobiles because he considers Landlines “safer”.

Kate and Gerry feel they are “being watched all the time”. (See Mirror’s front-page and BBC news.)

DAILY EXPRESS front page: “MADELEINE. NOW THE MYSTERY DEEPENS. Case is wide open again as judge say parents will NOT face more questions.”

Page 2: “It’s back to nursery for the twins as life goes on.” Madeleine’s twin siblings Sean and Amelie are back in class. “They enjoyed it,” says Clarence Mitchell, giving up-to-the-minute briefings from the sandpit.

Page 3: “New slur: ‘Kate is inhuman, even animals will look after their young’.”

The WORLD’S GREATEST NEWSPAPER is shocked and deeply saddened by goings on in the Portuguese press. A Filomena Teixeira, whose son was abducted nine years ago, tells magazine TV 7 Dais the McCanns are “human beings at their worst”. The magazine notes: “Instead of calling Sky News she contacted the boy’s friends, the fireman and the police. At the same time she never dreamed of contacting the press or a PR.”

A newspaper labels the McCanns and their PR team the “British Armada”.

Pages 4 and 5: “Now police bug parents and track every move they make.”

DAILY MAIL front page: “MADDIE CASE IN MELTDOWN. Police told: There’s not enough evidence to quiz McCanns again.”

Pages 6 and 7: “British police bugging calls.”

THE TIMES front page: “Police ‘have found no new evidence against the McCanns’.”

Pages 10 and 11: “Who is who in Team McCann.”

Clarence Mitchell: Kate and Gerry’s official spokesman
Michael Caplan, QC: Lawyer who prevented extradition to Spain of former Chilean president Augusto Pinochet
Angus McBride: Criminal solicitor
Carolos Pinto de Abreu: Portuguese lawyer
Esther McVey: Former GMTV presenter and Tory parliamentary candidate. Spokeswoman for Madeleine Fund. Has known Kate McCann since A-levels
Father Haynes Hubbard: Anglican priest at church of Nossa Senhora da Luz.
Calum MacRae:2 18-year-old producer of Find Madeleine website
Philomena McCann: Gerry McCann’s sister. A head teacher.
Trish and Sandy Cameron: Gerry McCann’s sister and brother-in-law

No mention of Robert Murat, the other named suspect.

DAILY STAR front page: “POLICE SET TO DIG FOR MADDIE.” Police have tracked the phone records of Kate and Gerry McCann. They have studied their movements. And now they are ready to send in infra-red equipments and sniffer dogs.

Pages 4 and 5: “DIG FOR MADDIE BEGINS.”

THE GUARDIAN front page: “McCanns: further questions ruled out.”

The Portuguese attorney general says there is not enough evidence to justify questioning Kate and Kerry McCann.

Luis Bilro Verao tells one and all: “No new evidence justifying further questioning has emerged since September 7.” So that’s it? Er, no. The McCanns will remain suspects until “not line of investigation” has been excluded.

DAILY TELEGRAPH front page: “McCanns will not be re-interrogated.”

Page 9: “Madeleine’s last dance with father.” Restaurant owner Miguel Matias says he saw Madeleine eating ice-cream and fruit juice before dancing with Gerry. It was May 3, the day she vanished. Says he:” We didn’t see anyone suspicious looking at the girl.”

THE INDEPENDENT page 19: “Pressure on McCanns eases as police back off.” Clarence Mitchell says: “On the face of it, it does appear to be encouraging.”

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