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The Supermarket Years: Cherie Blair Gets Paid By The Word

by | 20th, September 2007

cherie-blair.jpg CHERIE Blair is writing her autobiography. If she is paid by the word, the book could be one of the longest in history, rivalling Cherie Blair: The Trolley Dash Years for sheer girth. (Pic: Beau Bo D’Or)

The Times’ cartoonist picks up on the theme of money and sees Cherie typing her book out on a cash register.

Happily, a lid has been placed on the book’s budget, as the Mail reveals in “Cherie gets £1.5m for her memoirs”.

Encouragingly, the Mail says the book deal will help clear the Blair’s mortgage. Although should interest rates rise, Cherie may well have to save some content for later. It is thought that a full half percentage point rise will lead to the sequel Cherie Blair: The How I Extended Over The Garage Years.

And then there is the assertion by the Mirror and Independent that the book is worth just £1milion to Cherie, opening up the possibility of a book-on-tape version and an official DVD. Indeed, our advice would have been for Cherie to deliver her story in instalments, the first years at a discount with a free ring binder. The full story would run for as long as Cherie needs the income.

As for the story, the Mail says “revenge is a dish served piping hot”. But the Times wonder how much Cherie will reveal.

And if she will revels all should the job demand it?

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