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Jose Mourinho Gets His Coat And Pulls At Chelsea

by | 21st, September 2007

jose_mourinho_001.jpgJOSE Mourinho is gone. Had his Chelsea team played in his image rather than at his direction they would have been terrific.

For large parts of Mourinho’s reign, Chelsea resembled an expensive gown worn beneath a Matalan coat.

Under 25,000 turned up to watch Jose’s boys play in the Champions League mid-week; many fans preferred to stay at home and watch reruns of the trains leaving and arriving at Newbury station on UKTV Gold.

And Mourinho’s image is important. This is the man who can be seen on the Mail’s front page cradling his son. The boy’s name? Yes, you guessed it: Jose Junior. And what odds Mourinho marrying a woman called Matilde and calling their daughter – here it comes – Matilde?

This is the man of whom Karen Brady, Birmingham City’s managing director, says: “Mourinho was sexiest boss in Premier League.”

Of whom Denise Van Outen says in the Sun: “I’m gutted about Jose, I always fancied him. He’s really sexy.”

Of whom the Independent’s football expert Jessica Callan writes: “Mourinho The Sex Symbol.”

Of whom the Mail’s Rosie Millard writes in “MY CRUSH OF THE DAY” that her dog is named after him. She thinks this is a big deal. This is nothing – Jose named his own son after him. Top that.

Millard tells us: “As with Princess Diana, it is impossible to take a bad picture of Mourinho.”

Can the same be said of Sir Alex Ferguson? Arsene Wenger? It is clear to Millard, who epitomises the new Chelsea fan base, who is the better manager.

What Millard does not say is if she went to see Chelsea play an actual game of football. Was she there earlier in the week?

Readers do, however, learn that her son adores Jose. Her son is seven. He has only ever seen Chelsea win. Now Jose has gone he and a million other impressionable boys in replica kits can follow their hero’s new team.

Or go back to supporting Arsenal and Manchester United.

All together now: “Avram Grant’s blue-and-white army . . .”

Sit, Avram. Sit!

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