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Jose Mourinho: Not In Front Of The Chelsea Mascot

by | 24th, September 2007

shevchenko.jpg JOSE Mourinho. Not in front of the children.

What damage was caused to six-year-old “thrilled” Kai Need-Boreham can only be guessed at.

At an impressionable age, master Kai, Chelsea team mascot for the Blues’ Champions League game with Rosenbourg, may be changed by his experience.

True enough, he may have emerged from the tunnel and expecting to see the stands packed for the big match been shocked and amazed to see the Chelsea ground half empty. More shocked still to see his Chelsea heroes fail to win.

As is the way with young Chelsea fans, though, Kai may well find an Arsenal top in his Christmas gift pile, or one of Manchester Untied or Barcelona. He can recover.

But what of the row? As the Sun reports mascot Kai heard the “huge bust” between Mourinho and the team’s other mascot, Andriy Shevchenko, hours before the match.

Words are exchanged between the then manger and his most expensive player in an office. “Trembling” Kai is waiting outride. The door is flung open. And an “ashen –faced” Mourinho emerges.

Moments later Shevchenko leaves the room.

Kai’s mum, Tania, takes up the story. She says Kai went into the changing room to gather the team’s autographs. Shevchenko was missing. So he went to find the Ukrainian. And witnessed the row.

What was said? We know not. We can only guess. And wonder why young Kai has taken to referring to himself in the third person and is refusing to play football or indeed any game with anyone who fails to let him win…

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