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Tzofit Grant Stars At Avram’s Chelsea: Give Me A Pee…

by | 24th, September 2007

tzofit.jpgMORE problems for Chelsea fans as they read of Tzofit Grant, 42-year-old Wag to Avram Grant, new leader of the club’s blue and white army.

Is she “So Fit”, as doubtless the red-tops will label the woman the Times calls a “glamorous TV hostess”. Of “Zoff It”, as in that Andriy Shevchenko is not up with the game, he is “Zoff It”?

Much to discuss as the Chelsea faithful mull over the club’s new broom as they travel to Calais (rhymes with palace) and Milan (rhymes with Dylan).

And what to make of this woman who once quaffed a sample of her own urine on live telly? “It tastes,” says Tzofit Grant, “like water from the Dead Sea.” We can only deduce that she means salty, although her sample probably tastes less exotic, like the contents of the typical municipal swimming pool.

To the Mail, Tzofit is “THE WEIRD ONE”. As readers are told: “If you felt Nancy Dell’Olio was a bit much, brace yourself for the wife of Chelsea’s new boss. From taking a bath in chocolate to TV spankings (and very dubious drinks) she’s a WAG like no other…”

The Mail says Mrs Grant’s show is called Milkshake. (I’ll stick with the banana).) And produces a picture of Tzofit poised with a glass of what we presume to be urine.

She is taking the piss. Much like the Chelsea fans who ignored their new leader to herald his No 2 Steve Clarke with “Steve Clarke’s blue and white army”. Clarke is the last survivor from the Mourinho administration and may not last much longer if the fans continue to back him.

We learn that Tzofit’s elder brother has schizophrenia and “has even proclaimed himself the Messiah”. Anyone else think Roman Abramovich got the wrong man to follow Mourinho?

Indeed Abramovich may have been attracted to Grant because of his wife who has been known to sit in the stands and cheer on her manager husband with the words: “Make some substitutions now you bastard”.

Old-style Chelsea fans may at last have got someone they can relate to…

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