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Alisher Usmanov And UK Libel Laws

by | 24th, September 2007

OLIVER Kamm loosk at the Alisher Usmanov matter:

I’ve commented before, in the context of the Mumsnet libel settlement, on the threat to free expression represented by libel laws that hold a publisher liable for the content of comments posted by a third party. The Usmanov case goes a step beyond even that disturbing state of affairs, for it has led to the closure of blogs that have nothing to do with the complaint. And in the case of the websites that the Usmanov complaint directly addresses, the threats are unconscionable.

Anorak is hosted in the US. They love litigation over there. I am tempted to post the allegation made by Craig Murray…

In the US they sue God.

Keep up with Alisha Usmanov here…

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