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Page 3 Girls Fight For EU Referendum On The Beaches

by | 25th, September 2007

eu.gifPAGE 3 returns to the Sun today. Yesterday, the girls were in Bournemouth, taking in Gordon Brown’s great British wind and greater British drizzle.

Dressed in red Sun shorts and tops that bear the logo “I WENT TO BOMO AND ALL I GOT WAS HYPOTHERMIA”, the patriots flank Winston Churchill. At least it looks like the old boy, who is holding up two fingers to one and all and making ready to fight them on the beaches in a five-a-side kick-about against a team of Polish builders.

The Sun’s Nikkala uses a couple of flags bearing the legend “EUROPE. NEVER HAVE SO FEW DECIDED SO MUCH FOR SO MANY” to hide her support (this is the Sun’s campaign for an EU referendum).

And Rhian stands in a patch of sunlight on a patch of grass and tells us how “disgusted” she is that Gordon Brown has not offered Britain a referendum on the EU.

Says she: “The whole country wants a chance to have their say. Spending just a few seconds in his speech on such a burning issue as Europe is taking us for ride.”

And here comes the Sun’s open-top battle bus.

Not since Cliff Richard rang the bell and Old Mr Anorak’s Thai ping-pong team toured Faliraki has a British bus led such an assault on Europe.

And not since the summer has it rained quite so hard…

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