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Big Brother’s Chanelle Hayes Stalks The Stalk On MySpace

by | 25th, September 2007

victoria_beckham.jpgBIG Brother’s Chanelle Hayes is fearful, as the Star reports in “MY CYBER STALKER TERROR”.

But Chanelle will not be cowed by one lone manic who not only logs onto her MySpace page but posts messages up to ten times a day.

Here she is in the national press, wearing a shiny top of a material usually reserved for bed covers in seaside boarding houses. One hand is on her hip. Her chest is pushed out further. She is defiant.

But she has hired a minder, in case the stalker takes things a step further and posts 11 or even 12 messages on her weblog.

And it might get worse. As a source says: “Even in Los Angeles, Chanelle had several blokes who started following her every move.”

Thankfully, these men did her no harm, and most have been traced to the photographic department of the Star newspaper.

But you can never be too careful…

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